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          Youth Baseball

          D-backs’ Youth Jersey Program encourages kids

          March 7, 安徽快3开奖直播

          Los Ninos Little League president Sammy Rodriguez saw a young girl with a disappointed look on her face. She wasn’t interested in being at the Tucson-based league’s registration desk, and she certainly didn’t have any interest in participating in the upcoming youth baseball season. Hoping to change her mind, Rodriguez

          MLB GRIT tour for girls makes stop in NY

          February 16, 安徽快3开奖直播

          PORT CHESTER, N.Y. -- Alexia Jorge was 3 years old when she started playing baseball. When her father needed one more player for her 5-year-old brother’s T-ball team, he turned to his daughter, not knowing where it might lead. Once Jorge started, there was no stopping her. From T-ball to

          MLB GRIT tour visits Chicago on final day

          February 15, 安徽快3开奖直播

          CHICAGO -- Seventeen-year-old catcher Madison Femia, from Geneva, Ill., has had an opportunity to play with some of the country安徽快3开奖直播's best players in girls baseball via MLB’s Trailblazers Series and Girls Baseball Breakthrough Series. Now she’s excited that other girls get to do the same. Femia was among 30 girls

          Dawson, Weeks, Webster reflect on time at HBCUs

          February 15, 安徽快3开奖直播

          NEW ORLEANS -- There was no shortage of star power on Saturday at the MLB New Orleans Youth Academy, site of the Andre Dawson Classic, a three-day tournament featuring six Historically Black Colleges and Universities plus the University of Orleans. The headliner, of course, was the tournament's namesake -- Andre

          MLB GRIT girls tour makes stop in Vero Beach

          February 2, 安徽快3开奖直播

          VERO BEACH, Fla. -- As the Super Bowl played out on Sunday in South Florida, a couple of hours up the road, approximately 20 youth baseball players were putting together their own kind of big hits at another famous venue. And they were all girls. “This is great, not a

          'The sky is the limit' for Dream Series seniors

          January 19, 安徽快3开奖直播

          TEMPE, Ariz. -- The son of a former Major Leaguer, Marquis Grissom Jr. was born into baseball. Grissom spent the first part of his life learning the game. He has spent the last 3 1/2 years fine-tuning those skills through MLB developmental programs like the Dream Series. In a few

          Play Ball: Carrasco hosts military families

          January 10, 安徽快3开奖直播

          TAMPA -- As Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco took part in the Play Ball event during the World Series at Fort Belvoir in Virginia, he immediately knew that he wanted to bring the same level of joy to the kids in the Tampa Bay area, where he resides during the offseason.

          Nimmo, Davis help Mets deliver holiday cheer

          December 4, 2019

          NEW YORK -- One would have thought Wednesday was Christmas Day at Citi Field. But the kids at the Mets’ ballpark were not complaining that presents arrived early. Why? The Mets were hosting schoolchildren at their annual Kids Holiday Party in the Foxwoods Club at Citi Field. The festivities lasted

          Players from 10 countries convene for Showcase

          Young international talent having 'memorable experience' at 10-day event in Arizona
          October 7, 2019

          TEMPE, Ariz. -- A group of young players from across the globe is getting a taste of the college life and learning that the terms “student” and “athlete” are not mutually exclusive. This week, more than 30 high school-aged amateur players from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America are

          A glimpse into MLB thousands of miles from 安徽快3开奖直播

          High school-aged amateur players from 10 countries participate in Major League Baseball College Showcase
          October 4, 2019

          PHOENIX -- Finn Bergmann stepped on the field Friday afternoon at Phoenix Municipal Stadium for batting practice with his brand new teammates, a group composed of players from all around the world, and saw an opportunity. If he doesn’t go pro one day, he could play at a small college

          Play Ball celebrates Jackie's youth at his HS

          September 21, 2019

          PASADENA, Calif. -- Pepper Street was quiet on Saturday afternoon, in stark contrast to the baseball field just a mile and a half north, which was bustling with activity from ground balls to pop flies, line drives to baserunning. The Play Ball event at John Muir High School was the

          Play Ball brings game 安徽快3开奖直播 for Finch, Daigle

          September 14, 2019

          VINTON, La. – Under a steamy Louisiana sun, two-time Olympian Jennie Finch and her husband, former Major League pitcher Casey Daigle, ran kids through the fundamentals of the sport they love with hopes of inspiring a new generation of ball players. Daigle’s own 安徽快3开奖直播town of Vinton, La., hosted MLB’s Play

          Durham Triple Play wins RBI World Series debut

          August 6, 2019

          VERO BEACH, Fla. -- While other teams and RBI programs have been here before, the Durham Triple Play Senior Division squad is making the most of its first trip to the RBI World Series. On Monday, Durham performed like seasoned veterans, with many players contributing to a 7-6 victory over

          Let them play: Baseball is a hit with kids

          Participation rates are growing compared to other sports
          August 1, 2019

          School is still briefly but blissfully out in much of the country安徽快3开奖直播 as we enter August, and the month has become known not just as the “dog days” of baseball summer but the youth days, as well. The kids are away, so they come out and play. From the Reviving

          Hank Aaron Invitational offers glimpse of future

          Dawson, Clark impart big league wisdom as two-week camp wraps up
          August 1, 2019

          VERO BEACH, Fla. -- As this year's Hank Aaron Invitational draws to a close, it was once again fitting that a city and stadium so imbued with history should be 安徽快3开奖直播 to much of baseball's future. It was a meeting of baseball minds from all walks of life on Wednesday,

          Future of MLB on display at Aaron Invitational

          Manfred 'tremendously encouraged' by visit to high school event
          July 30, 2019

          VERO BEACH, Fla. -- Catcher Chase Call had a message for Commissioner Rob Manfred, who’s visiting the Hank Aaron Invitational to speak with him and the other players set to impact his league soon. After Manfred autographed his jersey and they posed for a picture, Call said, “Hopefully it’s not

          Griffey Jr. inspires at Hank Aaron Invitational

          Hall of Famer shares knowledge with high school players during the week-long program
          July 25, 2019

          VERO BEACH, Fla. -- It has been 12 years since Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. made one of the most impactful uniform changes in sports history. On April 15, 2007, Griffey Jr., then a Cincinnati Red, ran onto Chicago’s Wrigley Field donning a No. 42 jersey instead of his

          Hank Aaron Invitational special for young catcher

          Chicago native Seymore, 14, feels connection with great-grandfather's Negro Leagues experience
          July 22, 2019

          VERO BEACH, Fla. -- A few of the 130 young baseball players from diverse backgrounds who arrived at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex for the first week of the Hank Aaron Invitational (formerly the Elite Development Invitational) may have little knowledge of the famous man whose name is on the

          Hank Aaron Invitational launches in Florida

          Elite Development tourney rebranded in honor of all-time great
          July 22, 2019

          Beginning this year, Major League Baseball has ensured that the names of two of the game's most historic and impactful players are prominently displayed at several of their most prestigious youth events. The venue for many of these events is called the Jackie Robinson Training Complex, which before this year

          Finch motivates softball players at EDI camp

          July 15, 2019

          VERO BEACH, Fla. -- Softball star Jennie Finch is one part instructor, one part motivational speaker. And both of the parts add up to a sum the Elite Development Invitational campers at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex this week can look up to and admire. Finch and fellow Olympic gold

          Prep softball players hone skills at EDI camp

          July 15, 2019

          VERO BEACH, Fla. -- Versatile athlete Jasmine Hogan has been a key part of multiple championships during her prep career. Now the South Carolina standout is trying to learn a few more things to make her game even better. Hogan, 16, is one of approximately 90 prep softball players who

          PLAY BALL brings baseball to London-area youth

          MLB initiative gives many local kids chance to play sport for first time
          June 28, 2019

          LONDON -- Before the likes of Mookie Betts or Aaron Judge set foot on British soil this week, representatives from Major League Baseball's PLAY BALL initiative traveled to various schools in the greater London area, offering the opportunity to experience baseball on a casual participatory level. At each event, they

          Yanks legends host clinic, BBQ for London kids

          June 27, 2019

          LONDON -- As Major League Baseball lands overseas for this weekend's London Series, the Yankees gave an All-Star experience to a group of local youth players, capping their memorable afternoon with a gift that should leave a legacy long after these upcoming two games are complete. Hall of Famers Reggie

          Toronto kids thrilled with Game Takeover event

          Jays Care Foundation surprises local youth players with Major League experience
          June 26, 2019

          TORONTO -- The players just thought they were heading out for an ordinary game. Before the baseball teams from Lord Dufferin Public School and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School departed to head to the diamond at Riverdale Park East on Wednesday morning, they were told there was a surprise

          Robertson hopes to throw off mound soon

          Reliever has been tossing from flat ground in Florida; Pinch, Hit & Run comes to Philly
          June 22, 2019

          PHILADELPHIA -- Phillies right-hander David Robertson found himself in the mood to chat on Saturday at Citizens Bank Park because he finally had some good news to share about his recovery from an injured right elbow. Robertson started throwing recently in Clearwater, Fla., and he hopes he could begin throwing